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2015 Tournaments (proposed)

Tentative 2015 Tournament & Ski League Schedule

  Tournament / Event Site Area
Wed. April 29th Ski League Aplex CenTex
Wed. May 13th Ski League SMRR CenTex
May 24-25      
Wed May 27th Ski League FS CenTex
May 30-31 CAWSC Kickoff Aplex
June 4-7
June 6-7
Wed. June 10th Ski League Aplex CenTex
June 13-14 GR of Texas CenTex
June 20-21 SMRR 3 event record SMRR CenTex
Wed. June 24th Ski League SMRR
Wed July 8th Ski League FS CenTex
July 11-12 AP Record slalom CenTex AP
July 10-12 Junior Development (3EV)
July 18-19 TX State
July 22nd Ski League  
July 24-26 SCR Regionals (3EV) Trilakes LA
Wed Aug 5th Ski League SMRR
Aug 10-14th USAWS Nationals Florida
Wed Aug 19th Ski League FS  
Aug 22nd CAWSC Novice only FS
Wed Sept 2nd Ski League Aplex  
Sept 12-13 UT Fall Classic
Wed Sept 16th Ski League SMRR  
Sept 19-20 CAWSC Finals
Sept. 26-27 SMRR 3 event record SMRR
* Classes are N=novice, F=fun, GR = Grass Roots, C=competitive, E/L/R=record,
   NSL=National Ski League, NWL=National Wakeboard League
   NCWSA=National Collegiate Water Ski Association, college team competitions
** Events are S=slalom, T=trick, J=jump, W=wakeboard
*** Not a CASS scoring tournament

For directions, see the Lakes page.

The final tournament schedule is set at the South Central MidWinter Meeting and is ultimately posted on this site by March of each year.

To ski in a tournament, you must have USA Water Ski (USAWS) insurance/active membership. One-Day memberships are available at the tournament. Year-long memberships can be bought there, too, or you can complete an "Active" membership form from this page and send it in to USAWS.

Use this USAWS Tournament Entry Form and Waiver for early registration (usually discounted fees). Also, please complete and bring these forms with you to the tournament. Call the Tournament Contact person for pricing and details. Or see the Master Tournament Schedule link below. For CASS Scoring Tournaments, be sure to also specify your tournament personal best or "never-run" pass. Additionally, please specify your top three preferred trick boats in order of preference.

The USA Water Ski Master Tournament Schedule can be searched here.
It contains all registered and sanctioned tournaments in each of the regions. The Austin, TX area is in the South Central region.



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